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Rebecca Browning (Bella "Swan" Browning)
11 November 1992
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Name: Rebecca Isabella Browning
DOB: November 11
Birthplace: New York, New York
Parents : Hunter Blackmoon (living), Isabella Santiago (deceased)

Birth to 6 - After the death of her mother shortly after her birth, Nick Browning and his wife took Becky in and tried to make her in to the ultimate human. Believing that she had potential, she was trained and given medical treatments from an early age to be smarter and stronger than everyone her age.

6-15 - Nick's wife died a tragic death, and his young charge was now his assistant. Everything he knew he taught her. The training and treatments continued, and she was completely isolated from people outside of Nick and the people he brought to the house.

15 - Becky started venturing outside of the world Nick built for her. Eventually, she was rescued and Nick was sent to jail.

16- She did terribly in public school, and became a student at Xavier's. She didn't do very well at that school either, and after several attempts at running away, she settled with someone new, and tried to be 'normal' once more.

Genetic alterations gave her super strength and instant regeneration from any injuries.

Becky is a sixteen year old. She will be seventeen on November 11th. She's frequently selfish, whiny and angsty. As a teenager, she makes many stupid mistakes and will probably make a few more.

She is an original character, not attached to any fandom. Catalina Sandino Moreno is the closest I've been able to PB her. She is open for plotting and interaction, but I warn you that she is a teenager and will make many bad choices.

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Basic Information - tenbrae 'verse

[Name:] Rebecca Isabella Browning
[Age:] 17
[Gender:] Female
[Birthday:] November 11th, 1992
[Occupation:] Assistant to Nick Browning, Lab subject


Becky is 6'3, slim build with olive skin and long black hair. She dresses in either ill-fitting thrift store clothing or ill-fitting scrubs that Nick stole from the hospital.

She appears to be in her late teens or early twenties. She has no scars or identifying marks.

In 1992 nickbrowning met a homeless pregnant woman and offered her a home. She graciously accepted and pretended not to care when the young doctor took an unhealthy interest in her pregnancy. The woman agreed to any medical treatements that were suggested and gave birth to a healthy girl in November.

Two esacpe attempts later and Nick took the woman and child back into his home. The woman disappeared and the child was raised by Nick and his assistant. They named the child Rebecca and pushed her to be the best in everything from the moment they got her.

She did not attend public school, play in playgrounds, or play with neighbors.

In 1998, Nick's assistant disappeared and Becky became his only companion. He trained her as much as he could, and when she was old enough, he sent her to find new subjects.

For her entire life, Becky has been Nick's lab subject.


Super strength, healing factor, good memory


Physical Strength


Will start to deteriorate if Nick's 'treatments' aren't given to her